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A Mariam's Concept

Gele, head wrap, head tie, head scarf, alata, dooku.... ETC are just some of the unique names given to a piece of material wrapped around the head to complete an African dress up.

It comes in different colors, and sizes, styles, and prices tags. When stepping out to an African function or having your own event your outfit is never complete without the head wraps. It’s comparable to a bride without makeup on her wedding day.

With my signature head tying and more, “A Mariam’s concept” is made up of different services that can help you achieve the complete look.

What makes us truly unique is we offer Modern African beauty in its totality which includes but not limited to: African beauty consultation, makeup, lashes, tying the head wrap, fashion products and much more.

As Seen on Rogers Television


We pride our services, uncommon in the industry as a company where Your location worldwide does not restrict us providing you our fashion services.

Having bestowed the title “Ajishoge” meaning (Always ready for beauty and fashion) and popularly known for my unique styles, my creativity for African beauty is second nature comparable to breathing.